ESCAPE is owned and operated by Sim Leisure Group Ltd, an internationally-renowned theme park designer and builder, a PLC listed on Singapore Exchange. The founder, Sim Choo Kheng, was born and raised on this island.

ESCAPE was inspired by Sim's mischievous childhood in the kampong by the rainforest – climbing trees, launching friends into the air with tree branches, diving from the treetop into the pond, racing downhill on makeshift bicycles. Those were the good old days where life skills were learnt through fun and adventure.


Sim had his lightbulb moment during his 2-year business assignment to Lam Vien village in Thu Duc at the outskirts of Saigon in 1998. There, Sim had flashbacks of his childhood mischief when he saw how the village kids and adults played the same way he did growing up. ESCAPE would provide the most natural form of fun by addressing the lack of spark in children stemming from the absence of childhood play and growing disconnect from nature – symptoms of the modern lifestyle.

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Sim recollected his childhood moments and refined those ideas for ESCAPE, presenting it as the alternative to conventional mechanical theme parks. As Sim Leisure expanded into new international fronts, the company promoted this new idea to many clients, but all of them rejected this new genre.

It wasn't until 2009 when Penang's newly-installed administration called for an 
open tender on a 44-acre construction wasteland in Teluk Bahang to boost the 
island's tourism industry. Sim Leisure won the tender based on ESCAPE's untested retro-eco concept.

The euphoria ended quickly when no banks would finance ESCAPE. All the banks in the country did not believe this retro-eco concept would see its light of day. This delayed this project and forced the development of ESCAPE into smaller phases where Sim personally funded ESCAPE Phase 1 with his life savings. Phase 1 - Adventureplay finally opened its doors to the public in November 2012. The park eventually completed the entire original design in 2019 when it would have taken 2 years otherwise.

Today, ESCAPE's success has not only won many accolades but also proved the world wrong with this Penang-born brand to expand to many cities.

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Longest Tube Water Slide


In November 2019, ESCAPE in Penang Island, Malaysia opened the world's longest tube water slide in ESCAPE Gravityplay. Verified by Guinness World Records, this record-breaking feat shattered the previous world record by three times.


Please be aware of tourist scams.


  • It is common practice for tourists to be taken to many tourist places that pay 'kickbacks' from admission charges and tourist shopping.

  • Differential pricing where foreigners have to pay more.


ESCAPE campaigns alone against dishonest business practices and we stand firm by our ethical foundations of having created a scam-free tourist destination.


Say NO to corruption, say NO to tourist scams.


Do we want our tourism industry to be driven by ‘players’ who compete based on the size of the bribes they hand out at the expense of the innocent tourists and providing tourism excellence?


Corruption is more than just the unaccounted money. Corruption erodes fair competition. Corruption deprives the tourist of value and quality and breeds mediocrity. Corruption makes everything either more expensive or inferior.


ESCAPE is determined to win this fight. Join our battle against everyday corruption that affects our country and livelihood. The future of our next generation can only be secured if we rid society of the old ‘system’ of corruption.


Sim Choo Kheng
Chief Escape Officer