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11050 Penang, Malaysia

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Tue - Sun, 10am - 10pm

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Please be aware of tourist scams.


  • It is common practice for tourists to be taken to many tourist places that pay 'kickbacks' from admission charges and tourist shopping.

  • Differential pricing where foreigners have to pay more.


ESCAPE campaigns alone against dishonest business practices and we stand firm by our ethical foundations of having created a scam-free tourist destination.


Say NO to corruption, say NO to tourist scams.


Do we want our tourism industry to be driven by ‘players’ who compete based on the size of the bribes they hand out at the expense of the innocent tourists and providing tourism excellence?


Corruption is more than just the unaccounted money. Corruption erodes fair competition. Corruption deprives the tourist of value and quality and breeds mediocrity. Corruption makes everything either more expensive or inferior.


ESCAPE is determined to win this fight. Join our battle against everyday corruption that affects our country and livelihood. The future of our next generation can only be secured if we rid society of the old ‘system’ of corruption.


Sim Choo Kheng
Chief Escape Officer