Team Building

Why Teamplay?

Many years ago due to our close-knit communities working as a team was a natural thing to do. However, the changing environment and the way society communicates is introducing challenges to companies for them to create a cohesive workforce that is connected at a deeper level.

Teamplay reintroduces fun into learning and the building of capability through shared experiences. When people have fun they are more receptive to considering changes in behaviour, appreciating other viewpoints and being creative in problem solving. These are just the capabilities companies are looking for within their organisations. So let’s Teamplay!

ESCAPE Team Building at a Glance

Teamplay Challenge

Collect points by completing attractions within the allocated time

Group Facilitator

To coordinate the Teamplay Challenge and accommodate any further needs

No. of Participants

From 10 to 1000+ persons, we can accommodate groups of all sizes


In recognition of you completing the Teamplay Challenge


100% HRDF Claimable. Please speak to our sales team for further information

Optional Add-ons

Private Space

For meetings and private gatherings

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Team Building

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Team Building

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