School Trips

Playtime is Just as Important

Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools

The role of play in children is crucial to their development. This is the core focus of ESCAPE. ESCAPE is the fun destination with exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment, which reintroduces the self-directed play and values of yesteryear.

The psychology of play is recognised worldwide. It is imperative for establishing strong communication skills, motor skills and coordination, risk assessment and cognition. Emotional and physical wellbeing is a direct result of PLAY. Children can overcome their own fears and limitations, which increases their self esteem and confidence. These skills carry through into early adulthood and grow stronger with age.

School Trips at a Glance

Rides & Attractions

Inclusive of all activities, designed for all age groups and physical abilities

No. of Students

From 20 to 2000+ students, we can accommodate groups of all sizes

Teacher Passes

One free teacher pass for every five students

ESCAPE Facilitator

To accommodate your needs and requests


Indoor Venue

For meetings and private gatherings

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School Trips

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Team Building

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Extend your playtime with BASE CAMP 2D1N at ESCAPE Penang.

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School Trips

For kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

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Family Day

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About Us

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Birthday Parties

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Job Opportunities

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Green Initiatives

Our love and commitment to protect our playground - Mother Earth.

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