At ESCAPE, we believe that true charity is about sharing and giving without expecting anything in return.​

We give free entry passes for charity homes and institutions who wish to visit ESCAPE.​

We prefer to deal directly with charitable houses and not through middlemen organisations because charity is done within our hearts with no other agenda such as publicity or receiving 'awards'. We consider such organisations with such motives as fraudulent.

​We also give disabled persons free entry passes upon presentation of (OKU or disability card) at ESCAPE's entrance counter.

​If you plan on attending as a large group of disabled persons, please contact us in advance for us to make necessary accommodations.​

No matter your walk of life, it's time to play.

Please read our Charitable Donations Policy below and contact us for queries.

Charitable Donations Policy


  • Sim Leisure Group supports the communities in which it operates its attractions in Malaysia through its community support program where it supports underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children and young adults and their related causes.
  • In supporting such causes the Company respects the dignity of the less fortunate, underprivileged, disadvantaged, disabled and those who are underserved in the community and does not condone taking advantage of such persons for the benefit of its own publicity and community standing and image building and prefers todo so on a low key and anonymous basis.


Oversight Responsibility: 

  • The Company’s charitable donations are administeredand overseen by the Chief Executive Officer and donation requests are assessed and decided by the Executive Directors of the company in line with the Company Charitable Donations Policy objectives.

Criteria for Eligibility: 

  • Must be a registered charitable organisation in Malaysia under the Malaysian Register of Societies (ROS) and Company Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • Organisations that support underprivileged, disadvantaged, disabled children and young adultsand their related causes.
  • The Company only supports charitable organisations directly and does not consider requests from NGO’s, societies or event organisers who partner or support charitable organisations for their own publicity, brand building or community recognition purposes.


  • Requests from individuals, political or religious organisations, causes, events and programs will not be considered.

Focus Areas: 

  • The company has a particular focus for its community support program and charitable donations on underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children and young adults in the communities in which it operates in Malaysia, where it supports orphanages, children’s homes, charities/NGO’s and the like who support children or young adults and theirrelated causes.
  • The company’s community support program funds eligible organisations in the form ofdirectly sponsored free entry, food and beverage and transport for the hosting of children and young adults at the attractions which it operates.
  • Charitable donations are provided in the form of free tickets to the attractions in which the company operates which can be either used directly to benefit end-recipients of for charitable fundraising purposes.
  • An allocation of 3% of total annual attendance will be set aside for charitable donations for each operating attraction within the Sim Leisure Group.


Charitable Donation Objectives

  • To directly support underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children and young adults in the communities in which the company operates its attractions.
  • To provide educational and recreational experiences in the attractions which it operates to children and young adults who would not otherwise have theopportunity to do so.
  • To actively engage its staff  in community support and charitable activities, events and programs across the attractionswhich it operates.
  • To help improve the lives of the underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children and young adults in the communities in which the company operates itsattractions.

Donation Request Procedure: 

To apply for support under the company’s community support program and all charitable donations, requests eligible organisations should submit their requests in writing on their organisation official letterhead and address to:


Chief Executive Officer
Sim Leisure Group Ltd
Curve NX
Jalan PJU 7/5
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

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