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Dear Guests,

Please be advised that ESCAPE Penang is still closed as Penang is under NRP Phase 2.


We will announce our reopening upon receiving approval from the Malaysian Government.

Please contact us at should you have any further queries.

ESCAPE Penang is the fun destination with exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment. 


ESCAPE Penang re-introduces the play and values of yesteryear so to inject reality into a world overdependent on an isolation-inducing electronic lifestyle. Through fun activities, with an emphasis on self-directed and self-powered play, the visitor experiences Low Tech, High Fun. 


ESCAPE Penang demonstrates there’s no age limit to having fun as the rides and games are designed for a wide range of age groups, abilities, and energy levels.

The No. 1 Theme Park in Malaysia


Tuesday - Sunday

10am - 6pm

ESCAPE Penang closes on Mondays for safety maintenance.


ESCAPE Penang currently comprises Adventureplay, Waterplay, and Gravityplay.

We do not sell separate tickets for either component only.

ESCAPE Penang Pricing Table (2020-12-26)

*Free when accompanied by a paying guest. Photo ID required.


Dear guests, we have recently been presented with these blue and orange tickets (see photo). Please be warned that these tickets are part of a fraud case that happened 5 years ago and the matter was reported to the police. The tickets are invalid and will not be accepted for entry to ESCAPE Penang.

ESCAPE Fraud Tickets